Why Mercedes R Us?

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Why Mercedes R Us?

A Mercedes vehicle is an excellent investment that few individuals has committed to pursue. Each Mercedes car is crafted as technological and artistic marvel. Compared to other brands, Mercedes is superior in styling, engine power, and craftsmanship. Given the level of technology that has been employed to develop these vehicles, you need to trust the technicians who will repair your valuable car. This is where “Mercedes R Us” skilled and professional technicians can step up for assistance.

There are many reasons to choose the best workshop to service your Mercedes vehicle. At “Mercedes R Us”, we provide the following:

Customer Experience

At “Mercedes R Us” we provide the best customer experience to our clients. All our customers are repeat customers. This is a result of 20 years in the business (“Mercedes R Us” was established in 1998. Our reputation depends mainly on good service experience and customer satisfaction.

Repair Guarantee

At “Mercedes R Us”, we offer factory certified parts, state of the art equipment, and the highest level of technical expertise. Because of this, all our workshop repairs are fully guaranteed, along with the additional manufacturer guarantees offered on the spare parts. We offer 30 days guarantee. Anything within that period is fixed for free.


At “Mercedes R Us”, Your satisfaction is our main focus. We achieve this by offering reasonable prices, great customer service, and the highest quality service support for your Mercedes vehicle.


At “Mercedes R Us”, We supply genuine spare parts to cover repairs of all vehicles. Similarly, we use the original and best lubricants to fit our extreme hot weather condition and roads surface.


At “Mercedes R Us”, we train our professional technicians with the highest repair and maintenance standard in the automotive industry. With technology advancing at an alarming rate, and automobiles becoming increasingly more integrated with computers, today’s technicians must be experts in electronics as well as mechanics.

Tools and Equipment

At “Mercedes R Us”, We equip our workshop with state of the art tools and equipment in order not to compromise the quality of our offered repair and maintenance. We do use the highest grade of updated diagnostic equipment available.


At “Mercedes R Us”, We ensure best customer experience to our clients get the best guaranteed quality at yet very affordable and competitive price for their car repairs, services or regular maintenance.

Car Wash Service

At “Mercedes R Us”, We deliver the car back to our clients neat and clean, this is part of our service philosophy and added value.